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Tim's Time Tracker is a small software application whose purpose is to help you keep track of the time you invest into different projects with the aid of timers. It can be deployed on all Windows flavors out there.
Clean looks
You are welcomed by an intuitive and simple design that packs all configuration settings into a single window. There’s no support for a help manual, but you can quickly get an idea about how to set up the dedicated parameters because they look easy to work with.
Keep an eye on different tasks
Tim's Time Tracker offers you the possibility to configure a new project by specifying the name and assigning a color from a drop-down list so you can quickly distinguish between different tasks. A timer is revealed next to each project, and you are given the freedom to quickly enable or disable the current timer.
Other important configuration settings worth being mentioned enable you to delete projects, keep the tool running in the background (in the system tray), and hover your mouse cursor over the tray icon in order to the check out the name and time of the current project. The time is revealed in hours, minutes, and seconds.
Tests have pointed out that Tim's Time Tracker carries out a task quickly. It is not a resource hog so you do not have to worry that it hampers your computer’s performance. You may keep it running in the background. On the downside, the tool has not benefited from an update for a long time so you may bump into compatibility issues and all sorts of errors on newer operating systems like Windows 10 and 8.
Final words
To sum things up, Tim's Time Tracker provides a simple and efficient software solution for helping you monitor the time spent on different projects. It is ideal especially for less experienced users.


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System Requirements:

Sdk: 10.0 and above
XCode Version: 9.0 and above
Certificate: At least two certificates – one for distribution and one for adhoc
Development Certificate: At least two certificates – one for development and one for adhoc
Product Type: iOS
Minimum iOS: 8.0
Device: iPhone and iPad
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App Name: Winsnap
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