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Salon Calendar

· Fixes of minor bugs and improvements
· New features added to the program

Beauty salons are, most of the time, packed with clients and management of appointments is thus a crucial factor in ensuring customers do not migrate to other providers of services. Allowing anyone established in this business to manage reservations adequately is Salon Calendar Cracked Version, a practical application that can also display reminders.
Track the reservations of beauty salon personnel
The program can cater to a wide variety of beauty professionals, from fitness or hair specialists to manicure personnel or make-up designers. Recording new appointments is performed in a highly intuitive manner and an ample calendar-based main window allows its users to spot any due appointment quickly.
However, users are not necessarily required to insert their data manually, as the program can fetch information from Microsoft Outlook or iCalendar databases. If opting for the conventional method, inserting new entries requires that users define the personal details of the managed client, as well as the job’s start and end timers.
Search through the entries to find customers
A notable feature is the use of color labels to distinguish between entries and one can also effectively employ this option as priority warnings. Custom reminders can also be created for each item and any other notes or comments can be detailed in specific text boxes.
A very useful feature is the ability to define recurrent events and the tool also allows management of the agenda of multiple beauty personnel. A customer search function is also available and one can always export entries to Excel, text or HTML documents.
A practical tool for manicure parlour customer management
Summing up, Salon Calendar Free Download is a good solution for beauty professionals in need of an activity organizer. The lightweight program can adequately record all the workday’s activities or customers and users can export their work to Excel formats for wider dissemination.
What’s New in Salon Calendar 2022 Crack:
· Fixes of minor bugs and improvements
· New features added to the program

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Salon Calendar

Salon Calendar provides salon professionals with time management in real time. It is an easy and effective solution to organize your day-to-day activities and meet customer needs. With its features, you can easily schedule meetings, make appointments, organize your day and keep track of everyone in the salon. Salon Calendar can work in a windows-based system or on a server to help you manage your business, without having to install a dedicated client.
Salon Calendar Features:
1. Calendar-based interface: Salon Calendar is a calendar-based application to easily keep track of activities of salon professionals. It provides a full-featured calendar to schedule appointments and manage customers.
2. Workday: You can organize and manage the daily activities of salon staff. It includes appointment, schedule, reminder and note items, and task items for each staff member.
3. Database support: Salon Calendar can access appointments and customers stored in a database like Microsoft Outlook or iCalendar. It also supports the display of schedule, appointments and notes in HTML and text formats.
4. Display reminders: With Salon Calendar you can send reminders to your clients and employees to make sure they are on time for appointments and their appointments.
5. Scheduling: Salon Calendar lets you easily schedule meeting rooms for your clients and create a customizable reminder message and sound for your employees.
6. Notes: The notes feature in Salon Calendar lets you keep important information for your staff. It includes activities in detail and all the information is arranged in a convenient way.
7. Password protection: Salon Calendar allows you to protect your sensitive information by setting up a password for the program.
8. Attach a photo to a task: Attach a photo to a task item for your employee.
9. Search functionality: You can easily find all scheduled appointments, customers and staff members.
10. Print reports: You can export appointments, customers, notes, scheduled events and all scheduled tasks to different formats such as HTML, XLS, TXT and CSV.
Key Features:
1. Support Windows Vista and above;
2. Multilingual support;
3. Print reports;
4. Schedule appointments;
5. Search customers and employees;
6. Send reminders;
7. Appointments;
8. Reminders;
9. Notes;
10. Attach a photo to a task item.

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