Proprompter Software 330 Serial 44

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Proprompter Software 330 Serial 44




I have checked with a friend and a few online resources and the things you said are right.
Your audio is a CPC 6240. As I recall it had an analog input and serial output (CS44 or similar). I could be incorrect.
Since your audio is compatible, check this:
CPC 6240 full serial audio test


Either of the two different models numbers could be correct.
I would check their website to find a part number and make sure it matches what you think it does.
Exact Fit or in this case close enough can be a good thing.
However, if you’re running into problems, I would also check for:

Bad wiring. Did you wire it right?
Poor connections.

When you do get the serial number, the good news is you have a pretty good idea of what kind of serial number it is.

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Proprompter Software 330 Serial 44 ☠. 5 item. Proprompter Software 330 Serial 44 ☠
ECM44/77/88-Full speed serial patch bay controller (serial) model. 44, 77, 88 series, 400-440 serial input, -x4-free-13

Category:Digital signal processors
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