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Phoenixtool 2.11 32


What can I do?


I think I have an answer to my own question.
The problem was in the bios version, the donggelu tool was working fine with the new BIOS v.2.5, but with the v.2.6… the command was not working.

StarGaze, the Star Wars Experience – gdltec

My wife and I have been looking at seriously purchasing some speakers to use
with home recording to increase fidelity. If anybody on HN has anything to
recommend, I’d appreciate hearing about it. We’re not really interested in a
$1,000+ purchase. Are there any non-Studio-quality speakers that will do a
good job with the audio input from our AT&T U-Verse-TV-DVR?

Hey, I’m the guy who made the video, glad to help you out.

Personally, I’d recommend buying a set of Sennheiser headphones, especially if
you intend on capturing with that particular setup.

The quad was made for a different purpose than that. It was made to get you
into the Star Wars mindset, perhaps get you excited for the new movie. But
maybe you already have the lightsabers or the plans to collect the wampas in
your garage, so the quad will work just fine for you. Maybe you’ll wind up
watching The Force Awakens with the noise cancelling headphones instead of the

Okay, I’ll take a look at the sennheisers. Thanks for the recommendation.

What I find interesting is that at the beginning he says that he started
because he “never met a girl who would sit in a chair with me in my cubicle
and watch movies with me.” I’m not sure I can blame him. I’ve also felt the
need to do the same.

It’s interesting that it mentions ‘the Force’, because that was the whole
point of the research project in the first place: what was the effect of doing
full-immersion Star Wars (having people add to visual, auditory, and tactile
context) on recovering from PTSD?


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