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Hoyle Card Games 2001

Hoyle Card Games 2001

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Hoyle Card Games 2001

Hoyle Classic Card Games
Hoyle Chess Games | Chess Games for Kids and Adults
Hoyle Board Games 2001
Hoyle Classic Board Games | Free Games | Humour Games | Puzzle Games
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Kingdom Conquest II: The Lords of the North
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Hoyle’s Classic Card Games
Hoyle (video game)
Crazy 8’s (video game)
Old Maid (video game)
Rummy (video game)
Gin Rummy

A number of card game solitaire programs, with different rules, are available for PCs and cell phones.
Nine Hole (Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me and Windows Vista) .
Blue Fox .
Catan .
Clue .
Crown .
Cubits .
GinRummy .
Black Jack .
DaVinci .
Victory Bonds .
Sequence .
The Big Book .
Black Nite .
Dandy .
Karakuri .
Let It Ride .
Othello .
Party Poker .
Poker Dice
Poker Flip .
Poker Scatter .
Poker Stars .
Poker Subtraction .
Power Poker .
Razz .
Rummy Dice
Solitaire Dice
Spades .
Tankwerke .
Tawlk .
Crazy Bars
Damen Spiele Kombineren .
The Big Book & Let it Ride .
Arrivalin the Game .
Black Jack
Modern Snap
One Rubiks Cube, Two Rubiks Cube and the new French Solodex
Career Obstacle Course .
Wally Ball (with the frame) .
Wally Cube .
Wally Dash and/or .

These are some of the solitaire games on the Macintosh platforms.
You are required to click the button which is displayed on the top left corner of the game and the game will automatically start playing.

9 Hole Solitaire .
Black Nite Solitaire .
Clue Solitaire .
Crazy Bars Solitaire .
Da Vinci Solitaire .
Decoy Solitaire .
Dandy Solitaire .
Hoyle Solitaire .
Jacks Up Solitaire .
Kalabori Solitaire .
Karakuri Solitaire .
Let It Ride Solitaire .
Lopzee Solitaire .
Lucky Solitaire .
Magic Solo .
Monopoly Solitaire .

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