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HACK Camtasia Studio V8 4 4 Incl Keygen-TSZ

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* For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE
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namespace PHPExiftool\Driver\Tag\Lacie;

use JMS\Serializer\Annotation\ExclusionPolicy;
use PHPExiftool\Driver\AbstractTag;

* @ExclusionPolicy(“all”)
class FramedSequentialNumber extends AbstractTag

protected $Id =’mixed’;

protected $Name = ‘FramedSequentialNumber’;

protected $FullName =’mixed’;

protected $GroupName = ‘Lacie’;

protected $g0 = ‘APP1’;

protected $g1 = ‘APP1’;

protected $g2 = ‘Video’;

protected $Type = ‘?’;

protected $Writable = false;

protected $Description = ‘Framed Sequential Number’;
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