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With each CAD program using a different scripting language, it was relatively easy for a user to learn the basic scripting of one program and then be able to perform the same function on another, however, this is no longer the case. As a result, it is now not uncommon for a user to find themselves unable to perform certain functions, regardless of whether they are using AutoCAD or another CAD program.

As AutoCAD has continued to evolve, the language has also evolved. AutoCAD has evolved to include new features and capabilities. AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc.

The purpose of this document is to provide a foundation for learning AutoCAD, and to share some of the knowledge that has been accumulated over the years.

Whether you have never used AutoCAD or have been working with AutoCAD for many years, this is a must-have reference for AutoCAD. The main objectives of this document are:

To provide a foundation of the fundamental concepts and vocabulary of AutoCAD so that the reader will understand the basic concepts and terminology, and be able to navigate AutoCAD with confidence.

To provide a foundation of the specific commands and keystrokes, which enable AutoCAD users to perform common tasks with the software.

To provide a step-by-step guide to demonstrating how to perform these tasks and navigate the menus and windows of the software.

To cover all of the main areas of AutoCAD, including: Getting started Getting things done The Command Line The Properties Window The Drawing Window Viewports and Axis Direct and Indirect Output Feature Files Support Files When to use AutoCAD in lieu of other software AutoCAD on the Web and Mobile AutoCAD Commands Navigating the menus and windows of the software.

The AutoCAD manual is organized into a collection of chapters, which cover a topic. Each chapter has a short introduction, the basic concepts and vocabulary, a summary of the commands, and a list of the commands and how to use them. The list of commands and how to use them is presented in a step-by-step format to ensure that you are clear about what each command does.

A list of tables is provided in each chapter, which provide a brief summary of the syntax of the keystrokes for navigating the menus and windows of the software.

The list of tables includes all the keystrokes that can be

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File format

AutoCAD supports a variety of file types, including:

Autocad DXF (DWG) and DWG files
Autocad RCD (3D) and RCDW (3D model) files
AutoCAD Picture files
AutoCAD Macro files
AutoCAD XREF (XRX) files
AutoCAD Graph files
AutoCAD DWG (drawing)
AutoCAD VDA (drawing)
AutoCAD VDAX (engineering)
AutoCAD 3D (3D)
AutoCAD Architecture (Architecture)
AutoCAD Electrical (Electrical)
AutoCAD Surveying (Surveying)
AutoCAD Mechanical (Mechanical)
AutoCAD Civil 3D (Civil)
AutoCAD Electrical (Electrical)
AutoCAD Civil 3D (Civil)
AutoCAD Mechanical (Mechanical)
AutoCAD Mechanical Plant (Mechanical)

AutoCAD software also supports version control, adding automated handling of objects and layers, as well as version control of all layers of a drawing at the same time.

Note: The following code is an example in Microsoft Visual Basic:
‘Open the drawing using ACAD.
Dim objDC As ACAD.Document
Dim objDrawing As ACAD.Drawing
Dim objDoc As ACAD.Document
Dim objLayout As ACAD.DocumentLayout
Dim objView As ACAD.View
Dim objViewLayer As ACAD.ViewLayer
Dim objDocLay As ACAD.DocumentLayout
Dim objLayer As ACAD.Layer
Dim objDocLayer As ACAD.DocumentLayout
Dim objLayer1 As ACAD.Layer
Dim objLayer2 As ACAD.Layer

‘Open the drawing and save it.

‘Select the first layer.
objLayer = objDoc.ActiveLayer
objViewLayer = objDrawing.ActiveViewLayer
objView = objViewLayer.Views(0)

‘Set the first viewport

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2.1 Configure your internet connection.

2.1.1 Download Autodesk Autocad – it will be saved in the download folder.

2.1.2 Extract Autodesk Autocad.

2.1.3 Run Autodesk Autocad.

3.0 Activate the key

3.1 Click on Activate button.

3.2 Insert the serial number provided by Autodesk Autocad.

3.3 Click on Activate button.

3.4 A window opens up and provide a code. Copy the code provided by Autodesk Autocad.

3.5 Paste the code in the following location:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autocad\

3.6 Click on Activate button.

3.7 A warning appears stating that your serial number has been saved in the registry and if you wish to continue proceed. Click on OK.

3.8 A window opens up. Click on Next

3.9 A warning appears that your serial number has been saved in the registry and if you wish to continue proceed. Click on OK.

3.10 A page opens and click on Install.

3.11 Click on Finish.

3.12 You will see a new window stating the installation was successful. Click on Close.

3.13 You will see a window that says Activation. Click on Next.

3.14 Click on Yes.

3.15 You will see a window stating that your serial number has been saved in the registry and if you wish to continue proceed. Click on OK.

3.16 A window opens and click on Install.

3.17 Click on Next.

3.18 Click on Finish.

3.19 You will see a new window stating the installation was successful. Click on Close.

3.20 Click on Close.

4.0 Run Autodesk Autocad.

4.1 Click on Autodesk Autocad.

5.0 Create Your Company

5.1 Click on Create New Company

5.2 Select Create New Company.

5.3 Select Autodesk Autocad.

5.4 Select Autocad, 3D or 2D.

What’s New In?

Use existing geometry as a base shape, then align, trim, and sweep it to create a new, more accurate base shape. Bring the base shape to the surface, then align, trim, and sweep it again. Automatically merge the two base shapes into a single polygon.

Reduce the visibility of shading and labels on translucent surfaces.

Work better with complex designs.

Create single- and multi-line interiors from sections.

Use the Layout tab to manage reference frames.

Rapidly view, edit, and print dimensions.

Add and edit comments and help within drawing documents.

Supports all standard windows and printers, and the web browser.

Save more data in a shared network location.

Auto-update when new AutoCAD features are released.

Add, draw, or edit in another language.

Integrated Windows 10 features for touch interaction, including:

Advanced 3D modeling in AutoCAD. Use the command line or modeling tools to quickly build 3D models.

Use the Annotate tab to add labels to 3D models.

Use the Annotate tab to use balloons, grips, and extended information in 3D.

Use a Toaster model to present multiple variants.

Create free-form surfaces from solids, curves, and 2D shapes.

Use Variants to define variations and subsets for different parts of your model.

Use Advanced Filters to improve your models.

Add a system to check and repair your model.

Use the 3D Edit toolbar to quickly select, scale, and rotate objects, and to select, transform, and scale a face or edge.

Improve the Visibility of Coordinates.

Add or remove all numbers and formatting from coordinates.

Move, scale, rotate, and align coordinates.

Copy and paste coordinates.

Convert the polar system to the Cartesian system.

Improve information flow and presentation.

Improved efficiency and performance.

CAD Center.

With CAD Center, you can now open, resize, re-save, and close all your drawings, regardless of the drawings that are open.

Improved efficiency and performance.

Drop-Down Commands.

Use the keyboard or Windows 10 to set an option, save an annotation, and clear an annotation, without opening the Properties

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Game files are usually in “Data” folder, you need to extract the game files.
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V1.1 (12/19/2016)
– Fixed ctr-c / v_map file reading bug (sorry if I broke your savefile somehow…)
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