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AutoCAD is used by designers and drafters for mechanical design, structural design, building/construction design, and architectural design. Designers may use AutoCAD for project management, documentation, and other business purposes. Architectural design is one of the most common applications of AutoCAD.


AutoCAD Classic

In 1982, Silicon Graphics released AutoCAD, which has been developed by Silicon Graphics since the 1980s. AutoCAD Classic was the first product in the Autodesk line of drafting software, which was marketed as a desktop and as a web application. Some versions of AutoCAD Classic had the capability to draw with paper drawings, and previous versions of the software would delete the paper drawings once they were done. Version 4.0 of AutoCAD Classic was the first to integrate features from its desktop counterpart.

In 1992, AutoCAD released first on Windows, Macintosh and Unix platforms.


Starting with AutoCAD LT 1.0 in 2001, Autodesk released a new version of AutoCAD that would be marketed as a low-cost alternative to AutoCAD Classic, instead of being the successor to it. With this version of AutoCAD, however, the traditional full-featured desktop version was to be no longer available. Instead, the new version included a browser-based app, which would be available for free download. The browser-based app allows users to view AutoCAD LT drawings online. With the release of AutoCAD LT, Autodesk also introduced the new style of numbering, which consisted of x and y coordinates instead of a traditional “1/1” and “2/2” prefix.

In 2002, Autodesk launched its first website for AutoCAD LT. In 2004, the company launched AutoCAD LT Viewer, an add-on for Internet Explorer that allows users to view and save drawings in the online version of AutoCAD LT. AutoCAD LT Viewer can also be used to view and print drawings in the desktop version of AutoCAD Classic. This is a departure from previous versions of AutoCAD, which were never marketed as a browser-based app and were never designed to be viewed and printed online.

In 2004, Autodesk released AutoCAD LT 2.0. The new version was the first major revision of AutoCAD LT since its introduction in 2001. Some of the changes included color line width

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External sources

AutoCAD’s schema XML document formats are AutoCAD Exchange schema, AutoCAD XML schema, the former of which is no longer used for version 2.0 and later of the product.


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How can I debug what is causing a SqlException when doing a MERGE with a SYNONYM?

I’ve got a horrible bug that only occurs when I’m trying to MERGE with a SYNONYM, and I can’t figure out why.
The code is simply:
MERGE dbo.Person (PersonID, PersonName)
USING #SynonymData (PersonID, PersonSynonymID)
ON Person.PersonID = #SynonymData.PersonID
UPDATE SET PersonName = #SynonymData.PersonName
INSERT VALUES(#SynonymData.PersonID, #SynonymData.PersonName)

I’m getting a SqlException (null object reference) error on the WHEN NOT MATCHED BY TARGET. There’s clearly a match, because I’m getting a ‘non-null’ result and it’s setting the PersonName. However, I’m not sure why the WHEN NOT MATCHED BY TARGET clause is telling me that the table has no rows. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You are getting an error because the SynonymData object is null. You haven’t initialized it.
Change this
MERGE dbo.Person (PersonID, PersonName)
USING #SynonymData (PersonID, PersonSynonymID)
ON Person.PersonID = #SynonymData.PersonID
UPDATE SET PersonName = #SynonymData.PersonName
INSERT VALUES(#SynonymData.PersonID, #SynonymData.PersonName)

to this
MERGE dbo.Person (PersonID, PersonName)
USING #SynonymData (PersonID, PersonSynonymID)
ON Person.PersonID = #Synonym

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Open the Autodesk Autocad in Autodesk’s Autocad and it will be activated.

Now run the Autocad Autocad builder and try to start it.

Steps to download and install Autocad Autocad builder

How to use Autocad Autocad builder

Go to the

In the top menu, open User account and sign in.

Go to Developers and enter the username and password that you have given to the Autocad Autocad builder.

Now select Autocad Autocad builder.

A new window will open in front of you with the link to download the Autocad Autocad builder. Click Download Autocad Autocad builder.

It will take a while to download the Autocad Autocad builder and then it will be installed.

Steps to activate Autocad Autocad builder

Now open Autocad Autocad builder and a new window will open.

Now you will be presented with the option to open the activation link.

In case you are using the Autocad Autocad builder on a Windows computer, you will be given the choice of an Autocad Autocad builder product key which needs to be entered on the right hand side.

Now enter the activation link and click Activate.

You will be presented with the option to enter the Autocad Autocad builder license details if you already have one. You can also provide details to activate a new Autocad Autocad builder user.

Enter your license details and select Activate now and then click OK.

You will be redirected to a page where you can confirm the license details you have provided.

You are done with the installation of the Autocad Autocad builder. You can now install Autocad Autocad builder on another PC and use it.

Autocad Autocad builder End-user License Agreement

Autodesk Autocad Autocad builder is a service for use by Autodesk Autocad users. Autocad Autocad builder does not require any additional costs or fees.

Autocad Autocad builder is a free software and is available for use for all Autodesk Autocad users.

Autocad Autocad builder is designed to provide a powerful and flexible

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Coordinate transforms (text scaling, mirroring, and flipping) have been added. This allows you to easily simulate how a change on one element of the drawing will impact other parts of the drawing. (video: 1:07 min.)

Add a network number to any drawing (text) for use by the Network Analyst tool. Automatically assigns a network number to all drawings you open. (video: 2:19 min.)

New smooth bevel types, with customizable parameters, now available.

Functional color scheme:

Save as a simple color scheme to use in later drawings. The scheme is created as a separate file from the original drawing, and only the color values need to be changed. (video: 1:36 min.)

Multi-Project Archives now allow new projects to be created inside existing projects.

The AutoLISP programming language is now fully supported.

ePlot and eCAD:

Create ePlot and eCAD files for embedded Acrobat/PDF files, supporting layers and multiple embedded drawings. The embedded Acrobat/PDF file will still be opened by default in the same Acrobat/PDF viewer, allowing you to continue to work on the embedded PDF file. You can specify the embedded Acrobat/PDF viewer separately. (video: 2:00 min.)

Local CORE path for ePlot:

No longer will you have to import the “Local Core Path” from the.MP3X file to your project. Now you can set this in the file properties of the embedded Acrobat/PDF file. (video: 1:41 min.)

The.MP3X file no longer contains Acrobat/PDF settings, it only holds data.

You can now specify a folder to place embedded Acrobat/PDF files (instead of just the main project folder).

Library allows library members to be managed as a standalone library.

Customizable shortcuts for the keyboard.

Raster image editing tools:

New Raster Image tools include:

“Rasterize or Raster Image” tool to convert vector images into raster files. (video: 1:05 min.)

Project layout raster image can be saved in a separate file and shared with the project.

Rasterized Raster Image Properties (reformatting) now have selectable options

System Requirements:

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