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Autodesk first shipped AutoCAD in late December 1982 for $595. Autodesk hoped that AutoCAD would be as popular as MicroStation for drafting. AutoCAD was initially intended for a single user to build simple drawings on a desktop, using the mouse and single graphics tablet. The program was originally designed to run on Apple II, IBM PC, Macintosh, and SEGA Master System systems. Later versions were available for the Amiga (1983), Atari ST (1984), and Atari 8-bit family (1985). The Commodore 64 and Vic 20 versions were developed for the 8-bit market, but only a subset of those commands were supported on the 64 and 20, in order to make room for more standard Commodore 64 commands.

In 1985, Autodesk released a disk-based version of AutoCAD. In 1989, AutoCAD was released for Apple’s Macintosh personal computer. This was the first time the program ran on a high-end computer. In 1992, AutoCAD was made available to the Apple Macintosh in an Amiga download version. In 1993, a disk-based version was released for the PC, allowing users to import and export with all other versions of AutoCAD, including the disk-based Mac and DOS versions.

In 1994, the Windows version of AutoCAD ran on 3.5 Gigahertz (GHz) chips. Initially, the new, high-speed version of AutoCAD was only available for the IBM PC running Windows 3.1, but it was later made available for the Mac and DOS version of AutoCAD.

In 1995, the first release of AutoCAD was made for Windows NT, allowing it to run on the popular Windows operating system. This version allowed users to import and export files between Mac, DOS, and Windows versions of AutoCAD.

In 1997, AutoCAD Map was introduced. This software tool allowed users to import and export map objects from Microsoft Windows to AutoCAD.

In 2003, Autodesk introduced the release of AutoCAD with the.NET Framework, which provided the ability to use Windows scripting to control the drawing. This version of AutoCAD can be used on Windows 98 and later versions of Windows.

In 2006, Autodesk released AutoCAD LT, an inexpensive version of AutoCAD for Windows and Linux.

In 2009, AutoCAD was made available for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, providing

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AutoCAD Crack Free Download provides the AutoCAD drawing content management system, which allows individual objects to be stored as content objects.

AutoCAD has object-based documentation, which provides information about a drawing in terms of objects. The AutoCAD engineering suite allows engineers to modify objects and therefore change a design.

Data interoperability
AutoCAD can be used to open files from other software packages such as Navisworks, Maya, SketchUp, and Inventor, or other CAD file formats, such as IGES and STEP. This allows users to work in multiple different formats within the same product, allowing users to exchange information in a digital format while still using familiar features, allowing more applications to work together. It can also save DXF files, which can be imported into any CAD program. The External Content Library, available since AutoCAD 2010, allows imported documents to be stored in its database.

Unified Cross-Platform Application Framework (UCXF)
Unified Cross-Platform Application Framework (UCXF) is an extensible and customizable framework developed for AutoCAD, with support for GIS and Web-based applications.

AutoCAD started as a standalone application in 1981, named AutoCAD and branded as “PTC SCRIPTS by Autodesk, Inc.”, a new division of PTC that would develop the product. This was an official successor to PTC’s 1974 Autocad, which itself was a descendant of Aldus Technical Corporation’s 1969 AutoCAD.

The first version of AutoCAD was an internally built point-and-click application, requiring the user to use the mouse to create the shapes. The first versions of AutoCAD could not open other CAD applications, instead sending data to the host program in the command line. Later versions supported object linking with other CAD applications.

AutoCAD progressed to be a suite of connected applications; as it grew, the front-end applications (AutoCAD R14, for example) could query the back-end database (in VBScript), which in turn would query the product data to create the visible presentation. Later iterations of AutoCAD used SQL, and the concept of Database Studio. The newest version is AutoCAD 2014 and the current release is AutoCAD R2016.

As of AutoCAD 2014, features that were added or improved included:
The ability to load and save DWF, XREF, DWFV, and

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I add the 2 DLL files to my folder.
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How to change a property in a specific cell of a data gridview?

I am trying to modify one property in my data grid view.
I have a column named “AdmissionDate” and the data type is DateTime.
When I click on a button named “Edit”, I want to change the data type of the column “AdmissionDate” from “DateTime” to “Int32”. I tried this in C#:
dataGridView1.Columns[1].DataType = typeof(Int32);

It throws an exception:
InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type ‘System.DateTime’ to type ‘System.Int32’.

How can I change the data type of a specific cell in a data grid view?


DataType is used for conversion when displaying data. The only way to directly change it is to handle the CellFormatting event.
private void dataGridView1_CellFormatting(object sender, DataGridViewCellFormattingEventArgs e)
if (e.ColumnIndex == 0 && e.RowIndex == 0)
// This should work
dataGridView1.Rows[e.RowIndex].Cells[e.ColumnIndex].Value = 42;

// I just change the value to show that the format is properly changed
e.Value = “42”;

You could also try this if you want to avoid saving changes:
dataGridView1.Columns[0].DataType = System.Type.GetType(“System.Int32”);


You can try this:
foreach (DataGridViewRow row in dataGridView1.Rows)
foreach (DataGridViewCell cell in row.Cells)
cell.Value = Convert.ToInt32(cell.Value);

You can create

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Markup Assist helps AutoCAD users make the most of your drawings. Markup Assist makes it easy to send comments about the current state of your drawing to the author or other stakeholders.

Markup Import is an add-on to create and send feedback about your drawing directly to the author. Using Markup Import, a user can quickly access the comments of others on their drawings and send comments back.


Lerp (“Linked Erode”) is a smooth, natural deformation of a shape’s edges, edges, and surfaces. It’s one of the first steps of a compound path, allowing you to simplify the geometry of that path by smoothing out sharp corners.

Lerp works on shape objects and path objects.

Lerp works on shapes, paths, and linear regions.

Lerp works on point, line, shape, path, and closed polyline region objects.

A useful note: Because the lerp method is on the shape level, the behavior of each individual shape is not affected.


Revolights is new to AutoCAD 2023 and will be available in 2020.

Revolights lets you quickly change the look and color of objects on your drawing.

Revolights groups objects by type.

Revolights works on the entire document or just specific layers.

You can now change the look and color of objects in Revolights by group.

Sketch Select:

Sketch Select allows you to select and transform most elements in your drawing without the need to render the entire drawing.

You can click and hold on an object to make a selection. Sketch Select is automatically enhanced when you select a shape object, the type of object, or layers.

You can select text and rectangles from the operating system.

Sketch Select handles text, rectangles, and vector lines.

Sketch Select allows you to transform any element of the drawing as you draw it, without having to select the entire object first.

You can lock the selected element and drag it to move it.

You can draw around the selected element.

You can select the entire drawing.

You can select more than one element at a time.

You can draw with multiple objects selected.


System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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