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AutoCAD software runs on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS platforms, as well as many unix-like operating systems (e.g., OS X, HP-UX, and Sun Solaris). It is licensed on a perpetual or annual basis. AutoCAD LT is a free, limited version of AutoCAD software that is available for educational and non-commercial use. AutoCAD is available in the enterprise and cloud environments.

AutoCAD software is intended to operate on a desktop computer. In order to run on a mobile device, users must have a license for AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is available as a desktop, web-based, mobile, and cloud app. This article does not cover desktop, web-based, or mobile AutoCAD apps.

AutoCAD also offers some 3D modeling and rendering capabilities, and can be used to create visualizations for the web. This article does not cover AutoCAD 3D or web apps.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1. Autodesk AutoCAD App Structure

1.2. The AutoCAD Product Line

1.3. AutoCAD Commands and Functionality

1.4. Tools Available

1.5. Documentation

1.6. Other Resources

1.7. Pricing

1.8. AutoCAD Training

1.9. Autodesk University Courses

1.10. Autodesk Training Videos

1.11. External Training Resources

1.12. Additional AutoCAD Information

1.13. File Formats

2. AutoCAD Version History

3. Differences between AutoCAD 2019 and AutoCAD LT 2019

3.1. Newer Features of AutoCAD 2019

3.2. Differences between AutoCAD LT 2019 and AutoCAD LT 2018

3.3. Platforms Supported by AutoCAD LT 2019

3.4. Differences between AutoCAD LT 2018 and AutoCAD LT 2017

4. Installation

4.1. Uninstalling

4.2. Installation Method

4.3. Upgrading from an Earlier Version of AutoCAD

5. Setting Up AutoCAD

5.1. How to Install AutoCAD and Launch It for the First Time

5.2. How to

AutoCAD Full Version [2022-Latest]


A few feature-rich modeling applications are available. From AutoCAD:
Through AutoCAD Map 3D with AutoCAD Map, 2D maps can be generated for stereographic, topographic, digital, and Orthophoto mapping. AutoCAD Map 3D has support for projection of any map file format, and uses a common coordinate system to reduce map files.
Through AutoCAD Architecture the architectural design software was created, a product which is not supported anymore and was discontinued.
Through AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Electrical 2008 is a multi-user version of AutoCAD LT and is designed to automate electrical design using either hand calculations or computer-based electricians’ calculations.

Drawing, Databases and Files

There are several ways to store drawings and design projects in AutoCAD. These include:
Drawing exchange format (DXF), an industry standard file format for representing 2D and 3D data.
Drawing files can be stored in their native XML format.
New drawing files can be stored in.dwg format, a graphical file format that supports the exchange of AutoCAD files between computers. This is used to exchange and update existing drawings.

Within AutoCAD, there are several ways to store information in databases:
Direct database management system (DBMS) – can be done through relational or object-oriented DBMS.
An in-line database manager (IDM) – allows documents to be organized as either a relational or object-oriented database.
DXF store files – databases containing large drawings are stored in a 2D format.
New drawings in AutoCAD can be stored as a DXF or DWG file.
In DWG format, stored drawings can be linked to other drawings, the dimension control points and BIMs.

AutoCAD supports many file formats and file compression methods. File extension (filetype) denotes its file format:

.dwg – XML-based drawing format
.dxf – native format for the exchange of 2D and 3D drawing files.
.cdr – compatible with AutoCAD MEP 2010 file format
.ipt – compatible with AutoCAD MEP 2010 file format
.pdf – compatible with PDF files
.skp – compatible with AutoCAD MEP 2010 file format
.sld – compatible with AutoCAD MEP 2010 file format
.slx – compatible with the open source Lotus Notes XML file format

AutoCAD Latest

Login in Autodesk Autocad ( www.autodesk.com/autocad )

Click on File -> Open -> Import. (You can also import an existing model file or an *.modf file from the disc that came with your Autodesk software.)

Select your choice of model as *.mod or *.trg from the Import menu.

Save the new file in your default directory (usually c:\users\username\appdata\local\autodesk\acad.

You should see the new model with 2 parts in the Model Browser window.

Right-click and rename the *.mod file as *.trg and the *.trg file as *.mmd.

Save your *.mmd file on your hard drive.

You can now open the *.mmd file in the Viewer window by double-clicking on it.

You can also open the *.mmd file by double-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer.

Here, we will change the view so you can see all of the elements and symbols in the model.

From the 3D View window, click the 1, 2, or 3 buttons to toggle the view.

What you can do with the keygen
The keygen will allow you to extract the data from the *.trg file and save it in a *.txt file.

The extracted data has the following sections:

Data fields


Data objects

Data records



The data is stored in an XML file, which has the following tags:

Shape Group
Shape Group Offset
Shape Group Name
Shape Group

This is just a beginning. You can explore the model file and extract more information by using the keygen.

Additional materials

You can view and edit additional materials that are associated with the *.trg file using the Extract Materials Tool.

Additional topics

You can read more about using the models that come with Autodesk software in the following articles:


Extracting data from a *.trg file

You can use the Extract Data Tool to extract data from a *.trg file in the Viewer window. The tool uses the data extraction parameters that are stored in a *.txt file.

To extract the data:

From the 3D View window, select the “Extract Data” tool.

Select your *.trg file

What’s New In?

Autocad 2019 Release:

2D markup for DWG files and 3D Modeling for V-Ray for AutoCAD. (video: 2:21 min.)

Revit 2019 Release:

New modeling window: When importing into Revit Architecture, the designer can now create custom views to manage the import process. If you’re using Model Browser, you can also automatically access your model and settings. (video: 1:25 min.)

Revit 2019 Release:

New sequencing capabilities: You can now view or change multiple Revit viewports at the same time. This allows you to work on a variety of design spaces at once. (video: 1:22 min.)

AutoCAD 2019 Release:

New Freestyle tool: Now you can make curves and splines in a single drawing by using the ViewPoint tool. (video: 1:23 min.)

AutoCAD 2019 Release:

Better collaboration: Working with colleagues is easier with the cloud-based team portal. You can access team settings, customize your view of the data, and share your drawings. (video: 1:16 min.)

AutoCAD 2019 Release:

Relaxed user interface: The new user interface (UI) is designed for long-term use. The UI makes it easy to track and navigate your way around AutoCAD. (video: 1:10 min.)

AutoCAD 2019 Release:

Revit 2019 Release:

Floor systems for Revit Architectural: Add multiple floor types to a Revit model at once, and visually set up elements such as windows and doors to ensure a consistent floor system. (video: 1:28 min.)

AutoCAD 2018 Release:

Custom styles for MS Word documents and Excel spreadsheets: Print and save AutoCAD documents in the Word and Excel formats, which are the most commonly used formats for CAD data. (video: 1:26 min.)

AutoCAD 2018 Release:

Precision routing for 3D CAD models: Redesign a project without switching back and forth between two applications. Quickly preview, change, and save your designs from the CNC machine. (video: 1:17 min.)

AutoCAD 2018 Release:

Revit 2019 Release:

Collaborate across your team:

You can invite colleagues

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

This mod requires that you have the original Morrowind installed.
This mod is not compatible with any other mod, and it is not compatible with other mods or updates.
1. Extract the contents of the mod archive to your game directory.
2. Make sure you are running Morrowind with the “Morrowind 64-bit” patch installed, which will make the game compatible with this mod.
3. Have a save made before you start modding.
4. Load the Morrowind script


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