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Alien HTML Editor

Alien HTML Editor Crack For Windows is a simple application that allows you to create and edit HTML content right on your PC. You can add html code to a plain text editor and work on it immediately.
Alien HTML Editor Features:
– Work with HTML, HTM, plain and rich text files
– The minimum file size supported is 1,5 MB
– Fully compatible with Windows 8 and higher
– Drag and drop to add, edit, move, and delete content
– Works right away after installation, without any further installations
– Can output HTML to Word, Publisher, Word Viewer and other HTML clients
– Supports insert options: Add smileys, add line breaks, add page breaks, add anchor
– An XML and a preformatted export modes are available
– Support of any styles, any text color, any text size
– Supports a HEX color code of 1/2/3/4 digits
– Supports a text style (bold, italic and underline)
– Supports a drop shadow (six types)
– Supports page numbering
– Supports highlighting
– Supports search and Replace
– Supports a counter of words, characters, dots, tabs
– Supports a complete text highlighting
– Supports a contextual menuMaine School House Mining Company Historic District

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Alien HTML Editor Crack + With License Key 2022 [New]

Alien HTML Editor Cracked Version is an easy to use HTML editor with an amazing feature set. You may work with rich text and add special tags, you can quickly and easily edit a text document, and much more.
Key features:
– Easy to use interface
– Built in image editor
– Advanced CSS CSS language support (legacy, compatibility etc.)
– Plain text editor with version control and undo/redo support
– Rich text editor with tag list and option to add many other languages
– HTML editor with included FTP support, FTP/SFTP/FTPS backup functionality
– Advanced table editor with hundreds of options
– Search functionality
– Check spelling dialog
– Version control with unlimited amount of revisions (local and on-line server version control)
– FTP/SFTP/FTPS/FTP4SSL/FTPS4SSL/FTPS/FTPSSSL/FTPSFXT file/directory/remote host rename
– Save, upload and upload file/directory (e.g. zipped) to server
– Conversion to other HTML file formats (e.g. PNG, GIF, JPG, TIF, PDF, DOCX, DOC)
– Insert unlimited number of new text formats (e.g. WinRTF, RTF, HTML, HTML Full, HTML-Header, HTML-Tail, HTML-Footer)
– Insert pictures in original file (e.g. URL, “Copy Picture From Clipboard”, “Open With…”)
– Undo/Redo for all operations
– Apply base style to all files with just one click
– Tree folder navigation
– Bookmark and record functionality
– Text conversion into many common document file formats
It requires Mac Os X

Alien HTML Editor Crack Activation Code With Keygen

Alien HTML Editor is web based HTML editor developed specifically for providing web developers and web site designers an all in one, easy to use HTML editor. It enables users to create and edit HTML web pages, documents, or even complex web sites in just few simple steps.
Alien HTML Editor Features:
Converts HTML to/from W3, XHTML 1.0 Strict and HTML5;
HTML-5 Form support with Form Wizard;
HTML5 document creation with full WYSIWYG document creation support;
HTML5 Form Wizard, used to create an HTML 5 Form;
HTML 5 Database using the form Wizard as an interface. You can enter data, manage data and delete data in your HTML 5 Form and Database;
Insert a pic, using the default picture Picker;
Add a video, audio or Flash to your web pages;
Easy to use, no typing when create a HTML code;
Combine CSS and HTML;
Insert a table into HTML page, or convert one;
Add styles with color, font, background, size, position and other attributes.
Switch between Code Viewer and Code Editor modes;
Support for many languages including C, C++, D, Java, PHP, Perl, Shell, Bash, Python, Tcl, Ruby, Erlang.
Save web pages as HTML, HTML with images (EMF) or HTML with images (WGL)
Unicode text with ANSI support for Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Persian, European, etc;
Karaoke Music Insertion (MP3)
Advanced HTML / CSS / JS Editor
Fast and flexible: It supports many advanced features, such as auto-complete, grid-editing, code assist, search, smart indent, project management (including version control), preview, preview-mode, tree, snippets, and tab.
Easy to use: It’s designed for web site developers and web developers on a large scale.
Support for more languages: There are dozens of languages, with many different keyboard shortcuts for each.
Support for Unicode: There are hundreds of languages supported, with thousands of characters.
Support for FTP: Upload web pages, upload/edit files from the command line. Support drag&drop to upload web pages. You can drag&drop files directly or a folder, and upload them as web pages. Can work with FTP and SFTP servers on local or remotely.
Ease of use: The

What’s New In Alien HTML Editor?

Enabel your creative ideas in the limited space by using the HTML editor!
What is it about?

Alien HTML Editor is a specialized web editor which handles the HTML editing process for your web pages. You can use this program to create and edit HTML files. This web application allows you to create and edit HTML files and upload the files directly to a remote server.
What can it do?

Alien HTML Editor supports HTML, HTM, and CSS files. You can edit these files in the program. You can also change the fonts, colors, spacing, and lots of other options through the program.

This program has a powerful preview and editing interface. You can use the preview and editing interface to edit HTML files. You can use the powerful WYSIWYG interface of this program to directly edit HTML files.

Alien HTML Editor is a multitasking web editor. You can work with more than one file in the program at a time. This program allows you to edit multiple HTML files at a time. It is a fast and easy way of editing multiple files.

This program supports various file formats, such as HTML, HTM, CSS, WSC and TTF files.

Handy features of the tool

This tool allows you to use many essential features. You can easily customize this tool according to your needs.

This tool provides you a facility to create your own themes. You can easily customize the interface according to your personal needs.

You can use HTML images in your HTML pages. You can use the visual preview feature of this tool to view and edit HTML pages easily.

This tool allows you to set the browser to a cross platform. The tool allows you to use it in all the major browsers including IE, Mozilla, Netscape and even Opera.

This application allows you to use footers, headers, background images and many other elements for your HTML pages. You can use this feature to enhance the appearance of your webpage.


It is easy to use

It is user-friendly


The software lacks proper editing features

The visual appearance of the application is not very creative


Alien HTML Editor is a good web editor but does not have the powerful features to edit various files. This is the only disadvantage of this tool.

Alien HTML Editor is a powerful and customizable tool to edit HTML pages, file format, and fonts. The tool is

System Requirements For Alien HTML Editor:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Windows 7/8/10 CPU: Core 2 Duo E2140 / E4400
Core 2 Duo E2140 / E4400 RAM: 2 GB
2 GB Video: NVidia GTX660/AMD HD7970 recommended
NVidia GTX660/AMD HD7970 recommended Resolution: 1280×800
1280×800 DirectX: Version 11
Version 11 Hard Drive: 30 GB free space
30 GB free space Sound: High-End Audio Card recommended

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