96 KHz Uncompressed Digital Mas

96 KHz Uncompressed Digital Mas

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96 KHz Uncompressed Digital Mas

When a digital audio stream is sampled, it is also converted to a form.. 96 kHz Sound Cards.. The uncompressed output would be a stereo PCM 24-bit stream at 96 kHz and.Q:

where should be placed a word “about” in a sentence?

After reading the book, I’ve got to know a sentence that says:

Stuff about Joe may be found at

Is it correct and where should be placed a word “about” in such sentence?


Yes, it’s correct, and it’s “about”. The word “about” is used when you are listing some items that are relevant to or have something in common with the topic you are writing about.
Some examples:

Stuff about Joe may be found at

the transportation of goods by common carriers to and from a military base. See Kiefer-Stewart Co. v. Seagram & Sons, Inc., 340 U.S. 211, 71 S.Ct. 259, 95 L.Ed. 219 (1951).

In Kiefer-Stewart, an employer operated a company operated a company that manufactured and assembled glassware in the United States. The employer also owned and operated a second company that produced and exported the product from the United States for sale in foreign markets. In the course of its business, the employer purchased glassblowing machines for its own use, but also from its subsidiary abroad for export. Seagram and other distillers threatened to boycott the employer if its subsidiary was allowed to continue to export the glassblowing machines to France because of the law then in force in France limiting the export of the machinery to a small number of companies. As a result of this threat of economic pressure, the employer agreed to direct its subsidiary to cease all exports. The Court held that the boycott was a form of private commercial compulsion and that the boycott law therefore was an unconstitutional restraint on trade.

The Seagram case does not directly control the issue before us in the instant case. Here, there was no sale to a government of a particular product, a military base is not a legal equivalent of the foreign market which was the object of the boycott in Seagram, and the government had a valid interest in supplying a particular military base.


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