I’ve tried changing the encoding in the script (from utf-8 to cp1252 and others), but didn’t work, so I thought the issue could be in the character set conversion. But after a while I found that the last line in the script (. So it seems that the issue is with the script itself.
Any hints on how to fix this? Any help would be much appreciated.


It has only one line of UTF-8, written in CP1252. You can see that there is no trailing LF character.

Molecular basis of microbial iron biogeochemical cycling in bioremediation of low-grade oil-field waste.
Microbial iron acquisition and metabolism is critical for the biological degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in the presence of oxygen. Many microbial species possess sophisticated iron acquisition strategies, and this ability makes them important agents for the bioremediation of oil and gas field waste. This chapter presents the latest knowledge on molecular mechanisms involved in iron transport, storage, and regulation in different microorganisms isolated from oil and gas fields. We also outline recent methodologies developed to study the bioremediation of oil-field waste. I just had to catch my breath. Unbelievable.

Small smiles from people in the crowd that had just had their most recent life-threatening event which was not at all covered on the national news, probably not even a local news outlet and not a professional event, but local citizens who were able to, though, bring their own hand-held FM radio to their hearts desire and shake the hand of their local congressman as we were doing, after their hearts had been calmed a bit by the moment of silence (which they had been ready and waiting for, before the speech, before the hectic first few minutes of the speech)… it’s kind of scary to find out where the support system is when you find that your local congressman does not know you, as he did, or can not support you… thank heavens there are other options.

Little kids brought their own handmade signs to wave in the air at the end of the ceremony. It was a touching moment. I had forgotten to bring my handmade one. The lack of creativity has even more stress on my shoulders than the large-scale problems I have been having lately. 😛

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